About Us

Bham Forging Works is the outcome of determination and disciplines to achieve a level of quality of its products which may gain your confidence by way of their engineering, workmanship & stringent quality controls.

Bham Forging Works's products are engineered to precision, accuracy and perfection. Their performance is testimony of their durability and adherence to the international standards. By virtue of our established manufacturing organization, technical skills and through professionalism in all fields. Our patrons have recognize us outrightly.

About Management

Mr.Dalip Singh Bham who established unit in 1964, today ranks as the most reputed manufacturer in the country, the unit was setup exclusively with the object of meeting the requirements of Automotive industry. This is because of undettered effforts of Mr.Dalip Singh Bham that today the company has captured the substantial share in the markets in its products range. The company is marketing all its Products under its brand name 'BHAM '.

Our Products

We are manufacturing a wide range of Products as per details below:

Transmission & Diff. Gears, Pitman Arm, Hub, Axle, Huck, Yoke & Teeth, Cross Holder, Half Yoke, Coupling, Crown Wheel & Pinion For Two Wheller Scooter, Bush Plate, Bevel Gear, Gear Changer, Luna Gear, Three Wheeler Scooter, Bikram, Sumo, Tata 207, 307, 407, 607, D.C.M. Toyata, Swaraj Mazda, Tractors, Agricultural & Earth Moving Machinery Parts.

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All items are finished on Imported CNC Machine to achieve better quality, accuracy & durabilty.